Eno, Brian - The Shutov Assembly

Eno, Brian - The Shutov Assembly

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The Shutov Assembly is a continuation of the atmospheric work found on Eno’s four landmark albums in the Ambient series. Eno had discovered that Russian artist and friend Sergei Shutov often painted to his music but was unable to obtain many of his records in Russia. He resolved to collate a tape of previously unreleased material to give to Shutov and discovered a previously unnoticed thread that ran through the pieces, creating an unintentional full length work. The pieces that make up The Shutov Assembly, also released in 1992, are named after places where Eno had done image-and-sound installations.


  1. Triennale
  2. Alhondiga
  3. Markgraph
  4. Lanzarote
  5. Francisco
  6. Cavallino
  7. Riverside
  8. nnocenti
  9. Stefelijk
  10. Ikebukuro
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