Ethan P. Flynn - Universal Deluge

Ethan P. Flynn - Universal Deluge

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Multi-faceted artist Ethan P. Flynn has laid out plans for the new EP 'Universal Deluge'.

Out shortly on Young, 'Universal Deluge' digs into pop's experimental wing, exhuming some dark, deviant nuggets in the process.

A true original, Ethan P. Flynn's voice - a kind of Jonathan Richman for the post-Millennial era - brings these diverse ideas together, into one unholy place.

Set to be released on March 11th, the incoming EP is led by 'Father Of Nine', a surrealistic ode that matches alarm-like synths to some riveting alt-pop ideas.

Ethan + Tom direct the visuals, which match the bold, colorful verve of the music itself.


1. Father of Nine
2. Distraught
3. Vegas Residency
4. Spoils
5. Cheerleader
6. The Universal Deluge
7. Enough Is Enough

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