Extraa - Baked

Extraa - Baked

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Lead by french female singer, musician and songwriter Alix Lachiver, Extraa is everything you expect from a great pop band: genuinely authentic catchy songs and production, timeless feelings, lush and lovely production.

Extraa is the new pop formula enriched with sweet melodies, warm basslines and smooth rhythms. In their Paris based lab, Alix, Antoine, Thomas and Pedrotook the best from the sixties Swinging London and injected some rejuvenating care between the eyes.

The result? Classy and genuine songwriting, better than any poser from the indie-game. Take care, listening to Extraa may give you side effects, a blasting smile and an urge to live urgently and to fly over the city like The Big Lebowski over Los Angeles. Extraa c’est extra!

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