Fat Freddy's Drop - Special Edition Part 1

Fat Freddy's Drop - Special Edition Part 1

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New Zealand juggernaut Fat Freddy’s Drop announce the release of their new studio album Special Edition Part 1, featuring Trickle Down and the brand new single Kamo Kamo.

Part 1 of a double album, Special Edition Part 1 was recorded at the band’s Wellington studio, BAYS. Of the six tracks, Raleigh Twenty, Trickle Down and Six-Eight Instrumental were written undercover in the studio while the other tracks, Special Edition, Kamo Kamo, and OneFourteen have all evolved on the road with audiences worldwide.

The new album follows previous releases BAYS, Blackbird, Dr Boondigga & The Big BW and record-breaking Based on a True Story. The cover artwork is by Wellington artist Otis Chamberlain, a continuing evolution from his creation for the album’s first single Trickle Down.


A1. Kamo Kamo
A2. Special Edition
B1. Raleigh Twenty
C1. OneFourteen
C2. Trickle Down
D1. Six-Eight Instrumental

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