Fela Kuti - NA Poi Vinyl

Fela Kuti - NA Poi Vinyl

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The song "Na Poi" was banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Company when it was first released, generating vast publicity and practically guaranteeing a hit. The expression "Na Poi" literally means "things will collide," and in the lyric Fela describes what men and women get up to in bed together in graphic detail.  "You No Go Die...Unless," with its urgent, edgy beat, is as much James Brown-derived funk as it is Afrobeat, and is reminiscent of Fela's 1969 recordings with Koola Lobitos in Los Angeles. 


A Na Poi (Part 1) 16:20
B1 Na Poi (Part 2) 9:00
B2 You No Go Die ... Unless 7:35

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