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IIUII (It Isn't Until It Is) is a unique take on the "best of" format – an acoustic album reimagining 12 key songs from the first ten years of Fin Greenall, aka Fink.

"That whole arc, from my bedroom to having a proper hit, playing the big festival stages with big production, and all the rest," Fin says. In 2019, after heavy band touring for three years, he did a solo acoustic tour which took him full circle back to the simplicity of those early days – and making an album that reflected this seemed a beautiful way to tie the whole story together.

To rerecord those songs with the maturity that Fin and his band members have achieved is about “viewing the past through the lessons it has taught, not just remastering and repeating it” he says. “This was a chance to listen back through all the records, appreciate them for what they are, separate from the usual demands of which songs work on stage, and then give each song the treatment it deserves.”

So here it IIUII is, and here Fink he is – having taken the road less travelled and proved it worked. "I don't know if the industry could do that now," he says: "let someone work their way from nothing through album after album until it works. But Ninja stood by me, and that's what I did, and I can't tell you how good it feels to have got here by the difficult road."


1. Sort Of Revolution (IIUII)
2. Warm Shadow (IIUII)
3. Looking Too Closely (IIUII)
4. Shakespeare (IIUII)
5. Pills In My Pocket (IIUII)
6. This Is The Thing (IIUII)
7. Walking In The Sun (IIUII)
8. Blueberry Pancakes (IIUII)
9. Berlin Sunrise (IIUII)
10. Maker (IIUII)
11. Biscuits (IIUII)
12. Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us (IIUII)

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