Fleet Foxes - First Collection 2006 - 2009

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Fleet Foxes and Sub Pop present a limited-edition collection in honour of the 10th anniversary of Fleet Foxes’ debut LP. First Collection 2006–2009 spans the early days of Fleet Foxes’ career, including the self-titled debut album, plus the Sun Giant EP, The First EP (formerly a self-titled, very limited-edition, self-released EP), and B-sides & Rarities. The vinyl version is packaged in a lavish box, with a 12” LP of the debut album and separate 10” records for each of the added titles; the CD version has a separate CD for each title. In addition to its musical offerings, the collection features a 32-page booklet including show flyers, lyrics and artwork from band’s early history. 

Fleet Foxes’ debut album made a tremendous impact on the international musical scene, topping numerous “best of” lists, including Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Albums of the 2000’s and Pitchfork’s 50 Best Albums of 2008, and earned the band Uncut’s inaugural Music Award Prize. Fleet Foxes is certified Gold in North America and Platinum in both the UK and Australia. 

Fleet Foxes’ most recent release was the critically acclaimed full-length, Crack-Up, released June 2017 on Nonesuch. Following a six-year hiatus, the band delivered an internationally beloved full-length album, sold out notable venues including Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the Hollywood Bowl, performed on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert as well as CBS This Morning, and earned year-end recognition from Esquire, Consequence of Sound, Paste, Uproxx, Vulture, and more.


Side 1

  1. Sun it Rises
  2. White Winter Hymnal
  3. Ragged Wood
  4. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
  5. Quiet Houses
  6. He Doesn't Know Why

Side 2

  1. Heard Them Stirring
  2. Your Protector
  3. Meadowlarks
  4. Blue Ridge Mountains
  5. Oliver James

Side 3

  1. Sun Giant
  2. Drops in the River
  3. English House

Side 4

  1. Mykonos
  2. Innocent Son

Side 5

  1. She Got Dressed
  2. In the Hot Hot Rays
  3. Anyone Who's Anyone

Side 6

  1. Textbook Love
  2. So Long to the Headstrong
  3. Icicle Tusk

Side 7

  1. False Knight on The Road
  2. Silver Dagger
  3. White Lace Regretfully
  4. Isles

Side 8

  1. Ragged Wood (transition basement sketch)
  2. He Doesn't Know Why (basement demo)
  3. English House (basement demo)
  4. Hot Air (basement sketch)
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