Flying Lotus - Los Angeles

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The first moments of Flying LotusLos Angeles come on as lush analog waves, just distorted enough to sound like a faded memory of something you once heard on a radio from across a room. Essentially, it's instant transportation. Whether it is forward or backward in time, you'll never know as the sounds of the record leap recklessly into the future while keeping a sly glance back towards the classics of every genre. Like Flying Lotus' full-length Warp debut, Los Angeles and it's surrounding areas are studies in deep contrast: haves and have-nots, glitter and grime, sunshine and shadow, whimsy and tension.


  1. Brainfeeder
  2. Breathe Something / Stellar Star
  3. Beginners Falafel
  4. Camel
  5. Melt
  6. Comet Course
  7. Orbit 405
  8. Golden Diva
  9. Riot
  10. GNG BNG
  11. Parisian Goldfish
  12. Sleepy Dinosaur
  13. RobertaFlack - Flying Lotus & Dolly
  14. SexSlaveShip - Flying Lotus & Dolly
  15. Auntie's Harp - Flying Lotus & Dolly
  16. Testament - Flying Lotus & Gonja Sufi
  17. Auntie's Lock Infinitum - Flying Lotus & Laura Darlington
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