Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young

Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young

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UK only vinyl pressing! a double album and worth every minute of it, America Eats It's Young from 1972 makes for a freaky, funky, and aware good time. This LP contains the album's original 14 track album (remastered). Westbound. 2006.


  1. You Hit the Nail on the Head
  2. If You Don't Like the Effects Don't Produce the Cause
  3. Everybody Is Going to Make It This Time
  4. Joyful Process
  5. We Hurt Too
  6. Loose Booty
  7. Philmore
  8. I Call My Baby Pussycat
  9. America Eats It's Young
  10. Biological Speculation
  11. That Was My Girl
  12. Balance
  13. Miss Lucifer's Love
  14. Wake Up
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