Girl Band - Holding Hands With Jamie

Girl Band - Holding Hands With Jamie

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'Holding Hands with Jamie,’ Girl Band’s debut album, comes a few years into their tenure; a few years after their first tour; nine days crammed into a Fiat Panda; a few years of stamping 7” sleeves to sell at merch tables and mail-order; a few years of writing songs and touring and developing a live ferocity unmatched by nearly anyone.  Recorded in April 2015, two days after returning home from their first-ever US tour, the nine tracks making up 'Holding Hands with Jamie’ capture, more than any previous recordings, the tension and abrasive energy of a Girl Band performance.


1. Umbongo

2. Pears For Lunch

3. Baloo

4. In Plastic

5. Paul

6. The Last Riddler

7. Texting an Alien

8. Fucking Butter

9. The Witch Dr.

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