Girl In Red - If I Could Make It Go Quiet

Girl In Red - If I Could Make It Go Quiet

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Fresh from landing in the BBC Sound of 2021 list, alongside hyped backing from the likes of NME, The New York Times, Vogue, Dazed, DIY and more, today girl in red has announced details of her long-awaited debut album if i could make it go quiet.

Of the album, girl in red- real name Marie Ulven- states: "if i could make it go quiet is an attempt to learn what it’s like to be human to deal with the scariest parts of myself to live with the pain of knowing i’m only flesh and bones to be angry, broken and unforgiving yet still able to wear my heart on my sleeve. i’m shedding light on the darkest parts of my mind and i’m letting everyone in. if i could make it go quiet is me simply trying to understand what the fuck is going on."

For Ulven’s army of fans (1.8 million Instagram & 2.5 million Spotify followers and counting...), the album heralds the beginning of an imperial phase that girl in red has been steering towards since crashing into The New York Times’ top 10 tracks of the year with breakthrough single I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend in 2018. Since then, the 21-year-old Norwegian singer has racked up more than half a billion Spotify streams across a burgeoning and expanding catalogue of unapologetically queer indie pop anthems, hailed as an inspiring icon for a new generation of young listeners and beyond.

Now, with the dawn of if i could make it all go quiet, girl in red is set to cement her place as one of alternative pop’s breakthrough voices: someone able to articulate the experience of modern youth in all its contradictions, and yet resonate with listeners across the age, gender, and background spectrums too.

if i could make it go quiet is girl in red in its purest, elevated form: Ulven has never been braver, and the music follows suit. “I really poured my heart into a lot of these lyrics, fully,” she says. “I just feel like I emptied myself in this album.”

1. Serotonin
2. Did you come?
3. Body And Mind
4. hornylovesickmess
5. Midnight Love
6. You Stupid Bitch
7. rue
8. Apartment 402
9. .
10. I'll Call You Mine
11. it would feel like this
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