Global Communication - 76:14

Global Communication - 76:14

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Tom Middelton and Mark Pritchard have collaborated on numerous projects: Cosmos, E621, Jedi Knights, Link, Reload, Secret Ingredients and The Chameleon. However, for all Middleton and Pritchard’s achievements alone and together, their best-known and best-loved creation remains Global Communication.

A dazzling, otherworldly reinterpretation of labelmates Chapterhouse’s entire 1993 Blood Music album that outshone its source material. Whilst retaining some elements of the shoegaze guitar music of the original recording to use as building blocks, Global Communication essentially crafted their own album out of the results. It’s worth bearing in mind that outside of dub reggae, it was pretty much unheard of for a full album to be remixed.

Mastered from the original DAT Tapes overseen by Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Vinyl pressed at Optimal in Germany.


A1. 4:02
A2. 14:31
B1. 9:25
B2. 9:39
C1. 7:39
C2. 8:07
C3. 5:23
D1. 0:54
D2. 4:14
D3. 12:18

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