Gost - Rites of Love and Reverence Vinyl

Gost - Rites of Love and Reverence Vinyl

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The greatest artists are restless souls, in constant need of fresh inspiration. Once again, in 2021, the dark soul known as GOST is undergoing another dazzling transformation.

Rites of Love and Reverence is both an album of beautifully crafted songs and a fascinating and intuitively gothic journey, rich with thoughts of supernatural wickedness and real world retribution. In keeping with its dark theme, it arrives adorned with the most stunning image GOST has used to date, created by celebrated doyen of macabre art, Nona Limmen. Both eerily psychedelic and hazily mysterious, it’s the perfect visual representation of this extraordinary record’s grim but vivid depths. The perfect soundtrack to these uncertain and frequently horrifying times, Rites of Love and Reverence renders GOST’s post-synthwave exploits in kaleidoscopic technicolor, delivering all the glass-shattering grit, incisive melodic melancholy and tripped-out, electronic fervour that his ever-expanding army of admirers demand. With big plans for a full-scale return to live action in the near future, GOST will be bringing plenty of shocks and surprises when these new songs are unleashed for the first time. The future, as ever, is his to mould at will.


1. Bell, Book And Candle feat. Bitchcraft
2. Bound By The Horror
3. The Fear
4. A Fleeting Whisper
5. We Are The Crypt
6. Blessed Be
7. November Is Death feat. Bitchcraft
8. Embrace The Blade
9. Coven
10. Burning Thyme
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