Gracie Abrams - This Is What It Feels Like

Gracie Abrams - This Is What It Feels Like

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All throughout This Is What It Feels Like, Gracie Abrams brings her raw introspection to the most intimate of emotional experiences,
including self-betrayal, insecurity, and painfully failed attempts at connection. True to her DIY roots, the 12-track record finds her
taking a more significant role in the production process, working with The National’s Aaron Dessner, Joel Little, and her frequent
collaborator Blake Slatkin to dream up each track’s minimalistic yet kaleidoscopic sound.


1. Feels Like
2. Rockland
3. For Real This Time
4. Camden
5. The Bottom
6. Wishful Thinking


1. Older
2. Better
3. Hard to Sleep
4. Augusta
5. Painkillers
6. Alright

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