Guccihighwaters - Joke's On You

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Guccihighwaters is the artistic persona of 21-year-old Morgan Murphy. Since his debut single in 2017, Murphy has exploded in the cloud rap community. joke's on you is his first full-length album.

Spending his formative years growing up in rural Ireland, Murphy was shy and when his family returned to their native New York, that shy 15-year-old turned to home recording/bedroom production and started making his own beats. He began to indulge his musical vision by exploring community on the internet, finding a place to belong that he had not found prior.

For fans of nothing,nowhere.Lil PeepLil Lotus.


1. tragedy
2. hold somebody (feat. powfu & sarcastic sounds)
3. rock bottom (feat. nothing,nowhere.)
4. highschool (remix) (feat. convolk)
5. sometimes
6. true 2 me
7. straightjacket
8. lovesick (feat. ellise)
9. intentions
10. catch-22
11. coming down
12. expectations
13. won't let in (feat. softheart & laeland)
14. rope
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