Guided By Voices - Vampire On Titus

Guided By Voices - Vampire On Titus

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The first album that saw Guided By Voices reach anything approaching national exposure was conversely one of their most lo-fi efforts. Vampire On Titus was a hastily recorded rackety thing but beneath the noise you can hear the bursts of pop that would cement them as one of the prime movers in the alternative scene of the '90s and beyond. 


A1. Wished I Was A Giant
A2. No 2 In The Model Home Series
A3. Expecting Brainchild
A4. Superior Sector Janitor X
A5. Donkey School
A6. Dusted
A7. Marchers In Orange
A8. Sot
A9. World Of Fun
B1. Jar Of Cardinals
B2. Unstable Journey
B3. E-5
B4. Cool Off Kid Kilowatt
B5. Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim)
B6. Wondering Boy Poet
B7. What About It?
B8. Perhaps Now The Vultures
B9. Non-Absorbing

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