Hamish Kilgour - All Of It And Nothing

Hamish Kilgour - All Of It And Nothing

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Incredibly, after all his work as a founding member of both The Clean and The Mad Scene, Hamish Kilgour has never released a proper solo album of his own, until now.

Fans of his work over the years will no doubt be pleased with this debut release. All of It and Nothing is an ode to the power of jangle, highlighting Kilgours innate ability to both gleam the melodic cube and let the choogle of a chord progression ride itself to greatness. Written and recorded in collaboration with Gary Olson, who captured the album at his Marlborough Farms studio and accompanies Kilgour on some songs, the album carries a distinct hushed intimacy, full of soft-spoken phrases and light guitar play that belie the power of the music it provides.


  1. Here It Comes
  2. Going Out
  3. Strength of an Eye
  4. Crazy Radiance
  5. H.K. Eleven Eight
  6. Smile
  7. Turn Around
  8. Hullabaloo
  9. Rave Up (For the Yellow Dogs)
  10. Get on Up
  11. Last Song
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