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Hand Habits, the project of Los Angeles-based musician Meg Duffy (they/them), is back with their new album Fun House - the most ambitious Hand Habits album to date. Produced by Sasami Ashworth (SASAMI) and engineered by Kyle Thomas (King Tuff), the record was not intended as a reaction to the pandemic, but it was very much the result of taking a difficult, if much-needed, moment of pause. Emboldened by going into therapy and coaxed by Ashworth to push the songs into unexpected new shapes, the resulting music is more acutely personal and stylistically adventurous than anything you’ve heard from Hand Habits before. The push/pull of styles, paired with songs that move deftly between the present and past, give the record a wildly diverse, hall of mirrors quality that befits its name. Where previous Hand Habits records could be fairly insular affairs, Fun House feels ebullient, lush, a fully-realized conversation.

  1. More Than Love
  2. Aquamarine
  3. Just to Hear You [ft. Perfume Genius]
  4. No Difference
  5. Graves
  6. False Start
  7. Clean Air
  8. Concrete & Feathers 
  9. The Answer
  10. Gold/Rust
  11. Control
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