Helado Negro - Far In

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Roberto Carlos Lange, aka songwriter / producer Helado Negro, releases his new album Far In, on 4AD. His first release on the acclaimed label, Far In follows 2019’s deservingly acclaimed This Is How You Smile, a spellbinding and serene record that tracks Lange’s experiences as a Latinx individual reckoning with spiritual awakening. Far In embraces that mysticism, with Lange saying it ”’celebrates the ghosts,’ embracing pleasure and freedom to follow the metaphysical further.” Written in Marfa, Texas, during the brutal summer of 2020, it stands as a testament to resilience, as Lange says “escape is never out there, you have to go inward.”

  1. Wake Up Tomorrow [ft. Kacy Hill]
  2. Gemini and Leo
  3. Purple Tones
  4. There Must Be a Song Like You
  5. Aguas Frías
  6. Aureole
  7. Hometown Dream
  8. Agosto [ft. Buscabulla]
  9. Outside the Outside
  10. Brown Fluorescence
  11. Wind Conversations
  12. Thank You for Ever
  13. La Naranja
  14. Telescope [ft. Benamin]
  15. Mirror Talk 
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