Hiatus Kaiyote - Canopic Jar

Hiatus Kaiyote - Canopic Jar

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Australian enigmas Hiatus Kaiyote release a new EP called Canopic Jar just in time for the Halloween season – the band’s first new music since the release of their critically acclaimed album, Mood Valiant, earlier this year.

Canopic Jar sees the band delve further into their expansive creativity and wild sonic palette.

Singer Nai Palm is a long-time lover of Halloween inspired music, as she explains in the song’s meaning:

A canopic jar is an ancient artifact from Egypt. When they preserved the body through mummification for the afterlife, the organs were contained in a canopic jar. I used this image of preserving something in this lifetime to be accessed in another as a metaphor for an unobtainable relationship, to re-appear throughout the ages because circumstances won’t allow it this time around.


  1. Journey To The Crystal Tomb
  2. Canopic Jar
  3. Canopic Jar (instrumental)
  4. Canopic Jar (acapella)
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