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Holy Hive

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In 2020 Brooklyn’s Holy Hive introduced us all to something we didn’t know we needed. Homer Steinweiss’ thickly pocketed drumming paired with Paul Spring’s floaty falsetto vocal produces a sound that’s like a salve. It’s been dubbed Folk Soul and Holy Hive not only expertly overlay the more apparent musical aspects of folk and soul, but they also draw from the more profound: being able to pull traditions from the past and make them their own. When Homer wasn’t playing drums for Lady Gaga or Adele or Bruno Mars, he’d produce Paul’s solo folk records. Along with original bassist and frequent collaborator Joe Harrison, these sessions proved to be Holy Hive’s foundation. And their first record, Float Back to You, expertly combined what each musician does best: Paul’s heady, reflective approach to folk with Homer’s universal classic soul sound.

With their new record released on Big Crown, Holy Hive’s beautifully simple-and-sparse Folk Soul sound is back but updated. With new influences and the challenge of creating and capturing music during a global pandemic, this new self-titled album, is more personal, more reflective.

Available on limited translucent pink with blue splatter vinyl.

01. Color It Easy / 02. Story Of My Life / 03. Golden Crown / 04. Ain't That The Way / 05. Runaways / 06. Deadly Valentine / 07. I Don't Envy Yesterdays / 08. A Wind Rose / 09. All I'd Be Is Where You Are / 10. Great Chains / 11. Cynthia's Meditation / 12. Brooklyn Ferry / 13. Circling The Surface / 14. Starless / 15. Star Crossed

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