Holy Hive - I Don't Envy Yesterdays B/w Color It Easy

Holy Hive - I Don't Envy Yesterdays B/w Color It Easy

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Holy Hive is back with a new set of songs while they are still enjoying the growing success of their 2020 debut album, Float Back To You. Their signature “Folk Soul” sound has earned them a diverse group of fans around the globe and sets them apart from fellow groups lumped into the indie/folk algorithm. These two songs were written and recorded at a small house in the desert of the Yucca Valley. Both of them are stripped down to Holy Hive’s core instrumentation of bass, drums, guitar and vocals.

The A side “I Don’t Envy Yesterdays” is a tune that deals with the role time plays in the human experience. Spring’s falsetto vocals wax poetic about futility and acceptance while Homer Steinweiss’ drumming in itself creates a subplot about the boundaries of time. In true Holy Hive fashion, they take on these deep philosophical and abstract concepts yet come out sounding as light and easy as a Summer day.

The B side is a story of lost love. Paul paints a beautiful picture for the listener. But this time, instead of committing to not living in the past, he is overcome by the memories that the rain conjures up. The title “Color It Easy” aptly describes Holy Hive’s ability to capture emotion with simple songs and arrangements. While these songs might not paint the most detailed and intricate picture, the simplicity of the colors and brush strokes are filled with longing and love. This 7” should hold everyone over while they put the finishing touches on their sophomore full length record due out in Fall of 2021.

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