Ian Chang - Belonging

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Belonging, Ian Chang’s first full-length album, is like a cyborg - part purring mechanism, part animate bio-mass rising from primordial ooze.

In nine concise, largely instrumental pop songs, Chang conjures a personal cosmos: the listener feels as if we might reach out and touch Belonging's jagged and tender aural sculptures. At every level, his music sings with earnest and deceptive simplicity. The album's melodies are intimate, its rhythms rewarding, and yet, just beneath the surface glimmers innovation, as if the neurons firing in each melodic idea have become audible.

From the tradition of Bjork, Burial, and Flying Lotus, Chang breathes a new kind of human vulnerability into electronica.

Track List:

01. 舞狮 Lion Dance
02. Comfort Me (feat. Kiah Victoria)
03. Teem
04. Swarm
05. Audacious (feat. KAZU)
06. Food Court
07. 雀舌 Bird's Tongue (feat. Hanna Benn)
08. Zoetrope
09. 醉罗汉 Drunken Fist


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