Interpol - The Other Side Of Make-Believe

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Alt-rock icons Interpol return with their new album ‘The Other Side of Make-Believe,’ the first since their “bold and artful” (NME) 2018 album ‘Marauder.’ Teaming up with legendary producers Flood and Moulder, Interpol have crafted what is possibly their most impeccably crafted album yet. First single “Toni” sets the scene appropriately, beginning with a lone piano that builds into a percussive yet airy track that allows singer Paul Banks’ unmistakable vocals to take center stage. 


  1. Toni

    2. Fables

    3. Into The Night

    4. Mr. Credit

    5. Something Changed

    6. Renegade Hearts

    7. Passenger

    8. Greenwich

    9. Gran Hotel

    10. Big Shot City

    11. Go Easy (Palermo)
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