J Mascis - Several Shades Of Why

J Mascis - Several Shades Of Why

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J Mascis' Sub Pop debut is nearly all acoustic and was created with the help of Kurt Vile, Sophie Trudeau, Kurt Fedora, Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene), Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses) and other fine artists.

Many know him as the frontman of the seminal alternative band Dinosaur Jr - whose tracks "Freak Scene" and "The Wagon' set the band at the forefront of the alternate rock revolution in the early 90s, alongside Nirvana and Sonic Youth. But in the past 25 years J Mascis has also been the driving force behind a string of bands - Deep Wound, Gobblehoof, Velvet Monkeys, the Fog, Witch, Sweet Apple - and he has guested on innumerable sessions.


1. Listen To Me
2. Several Shades Of Why
3. Not Enough
4. Very Nervous and Love
5. Is It Done
6. Make It Right
7. Where Are You
8. Too Deep
9. Can I
10. What Happened

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