Jean-Michel Jarre - Welcome to the Other Side (Live in Notre Dame) Vinyl

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Jean-Michel Jarre took us into the New Year with a live-stream trailblazing concert-spectacular set in the virtual environment of the planetary landmark Notre-Dame de Paris. The live show combined life-like concert visuals in VR with a real live studio performance.

The ground-breaking production left many viewers wondering which parts were real, and which were virtual.

So far, the concert has been seen by 75 Million viewers and virtual partygoers from around the world, taking in viewing figures from multiple platforms including VR platforms VRChat and Oculus Venues, national and international TV, radio and social media platforms.

Welcome To The Other Side took place on New Year’s Eve, produced in partnership with VRrOOm, the City of Paris and under the patronage of UNESCO – becoming the official midnight image and countdown from Paris.

Jean-Michel Jarre performed live from Studio Gabriel near the cathedral in Paris, while his avatar played inside a virtual Notre-Dame. The 50-minute concert, featuring tracks from Jarre’s most recent album Electronica, as well as new reworked versions of his classics, Oxygène and Equinoxe – gave the world a virtual inside look at the legendary landmark in a futuristic and festive way.

Created, designed and produced in record-breaking 3-months, the 50 minute mixed-media project gathered a team of one hundred artists and technicians to recreate Notre-Dame de Paris and achieve a masterpiece blending an array of formats and skills.

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