Jones, Jeanette - Dreams All Come True

Jones, Jeanette - Dreams All Come True

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Jeanette Jones is an enigma. Hers is a full-blooded voice overflowing with unbridled emotion. The passion leaps from the grooves. On record, Jeanette mostly sang for the Lord. But she made a handful of attempts at a mainstream career: lost gems that demonstrate a singer fully in control. There was a lone single released in 1969, while other, originally unissued, tracks have featured on various BGP and Kent compilations over the years. Now that Ace owns the Golden State Recorders catalogue, it makes sense to bring all the Jeanette Jones masters together to showcase the talent of this fine and soulful singer. Jeanette, however, remains a mysterious figure, with few clues as to who she was, where she came from, or where she might have ended up.


  1.  Cut Loose
  2. I'm Glad I Got Over You
  3. Jealous Moon
  4. Darling, I'm Standing By You
  5. Dreams All Come True
  6. What Have You Got To Gain By Losing Me
  7. Break Someone Else's Heart
  8. Quittin' The Blues
  9. You'd Be Good For Me
  10. I Want Action
  11. I Want You Mine
  12.  The Thought Of You
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