Kehlani Sweetsexysavage Vinyl Atlantic / Warner

Kehlani Sweetsexysavage Vinyl Atlantic / Warner

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Recognized by Billboard as one of the Best R&B Albums of 2017, SweetSexySavage is the debut studio album from Kehlani.Inspired by the TLC's CrazySexyCool, the album is more “fun and aggressive” than her earlier work. 


01. Intro
02. Keep On
03. Distraction
04. Piece Of Mind
05. Undercover
06. Crzy
07. Personal
08. Not Used To It
09. Everything Is Yours
10. Advice
11. Do U Dirty
12. Escape
13. Too Much
14. Get Like
15. In My Feelings
16. Hold Me By The Heart
17. Thank You

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