Kenneth Whalum Broken Land 2 Limited LP Secretly Canadian

Kenneth Whalum Broken Land 2 Limited LP Secretly Canadian

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Kenneth Whalum balances personal maturation and artistic evolution, a testimony to the fact that he is equal parts vivid storyteller and dynamic, nuanced musician. Singer, songwriter, and saxophonist Kenneth Whalum was reared as much by his parents as he was by the melodies that narrated his earliest dreams. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, his family immersed him in both liturgical and secular music. Kenneth’s journey to date has been as much the product of destiny’s script as it is the result of his conscious dedication to his art.

With Broken Land 2Whalum leaned into darker chords as therapeutic relief. A self-described loner who processes both his highs and lows solo, “Prayer” is a moment of reckoning, calling out to others to pray for him. Lead single “Party” is a dissection of manipulation and how the games we play inform others’ perception of a situation they don’t understand. “Make Sure,” which is reminiscent of tracks on his debut album Broken Land, invokes Whalum’s everyday manner of speaking.


  1. Prayer
  2. All I Need 
  3. Party 
  4. Burn 
  5. Make Sure
  6. Weeping Eye
  7. Bombs
  8. Constellation
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