Khruangbin - Mordechai

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The art of the remix has been around for several decades, from the fervid imaginations of JA pioneers like Coxsone Dodd, Duke Reid or King Tubby to the disco enthusiasts of New York, such as Tom Moulton, who bequeathed us the modern iteration of the remix and provided a template from which most remixers still work.

The choice of remixers for this album is neither arbitrary nor accidental. They’re not names picked randomly out of a hat or chosen via a throw of the dice. All have some connection to the band, sometimes personal friendships, musical connections, or simply mutual musical appreciation. Harvey Sutherland and Ginger Roots have both toured with the band, Kadhja Bonet and Ron Trent had their own mutual fan club going on, Knxwledge sampled ‘White Gloves’ on a recent mixtape, Natasha Diggs and Soul Clap’s Eli’s are recent buddy-ups, Quantic is a mutual friend of Bonobo (crucial in the KB origin story), while I’ve known Laura for number of years; plus she is also godmother to one of Felix Dickinson’s kids. Doesn’t get much more intimate than that, right?

Some of these remixes were specifically made so you can dance your ass off while getting down to the Khruangbin sound, while some might better be appreciated horizontally with headphones on, wearing fashionably loose clothes. The choice is yours. But all were made with love and respect for Khruangbin.


  1. Father Bird, Mother Bird[ Kadhja Bonet Sunbirds Remix]
  2. Connaissais de Face [ Ginger Root Tiger? Remix]
  3. Dearest Alfred [ Knxwledge MyJoy Remix]
  4. First Class [ Natasha Diggs Soul in the Horn Remix]
  5. If There is No Question [Soul Clap’s Wild, but not Crazy Mix]
  6. Pelota [Quantic Cut a Rug Mix]
  7. Time (You and I)[ Felix Dickinson Put a Smile on DJ’s Face Mix]
  8. Shida [ Ron Trent Bella’s Suite Remix]
  9. So We Won’t Forget [Mang Dynasty Version]
  10. One to Remember [ Harvey Sutherland Forget Me Nots Dub Mix]
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