L.A.B - II

L.A.B - II

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Just over 12 months since the release of their self-titled debut album, L.A.B – the power house group from the legendary Kora brothers Brad and Stu plus the extraordinary talent of Joel Shadbolt on lead guitar and vocals and Ara Adams-Tamatea from the mighty Katchafire on bass – return with their second album – the next chapter in the L.A.B story.

The L.A.B. musical blend is captivating and invigorating – trademark Kora grooves blending seamlessly with Joel Shadbolt’s blues roots and Ara Adams-Tamatea’s dub reggae experience to create their own sound entirely. The pedigree and musicianship of L.A.B is undeniable.
II features 12 genre bending tracks which brilliantly showcase the multiple sides to the L.A.B sound – a unique blend of electronic funk and soulful rock, punctuated by exceptional melodies that stick with the listener for days. An album readymade for summer listening.

L.A.B has spent 54 weeks in the Top 20 New Zealand Albums Chart.
II was produced by Lee Prebble (Fly My PrettiesThe Phoenix Foundation) at The Surgery.


1. Rocketship
2. Fashion Dread
3. I Don't Wanna Know
4. See The Light
5. Hands Up
6. Love Affair
7. Free Fall In A Dream
8. Monica
9. Midnight Summer
10. Baby Will You Let Me
11. Innocence And Love
12. Bless Me Brother
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