Labrinth Euphoria (Original Score From the HBO Series) Coloured Vinyl Masterworks

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2020 release of EUPHORIA (SCORE FROM THE ORIGINAL HBO SERIES) with music by chart-topping, multiplatinum-selling artist and producer LABRINTH. The album features score music from the first season of the hit HBO series and marks Labrinth’s first-ever project as lead composer. Written and recorded in close collaboration with the show’s writer Sam Levinson, his original compositions feature prominently throughout the series as a sonic companion to the show’s angst-driven narrative. The resulting 26-track collection is a genre blending mix of gospel, soul and electronic influences, indicative both of Labrinth’s imitable style as well as the show’s deeply moving storyline.Of the album, LABRINTH says, “My experience with Euphoria has made me a better musician. It was a dream come true to give wings and add magic to the different storylines. It was a collaborative effort among Sam Levinson, the crew and the cast - I only added texture to an already phenomenal show. I hope that anyone who listens to the music embraces feeling something.”Euphoria follows a group of high school students as they navigate love and friendships in a world of drugs, sex, trauma and social media. The ensemble cast of Euphoria includes actor and singer ZendayaMaude Apatow (Girls), Angus CloudEric DaneAlexa DemieJacob Elordi, Barbie FerreiraNika KingStorm ReidHunter SchaferAlgee Smith and Sydney Sweeney (Sharp Objects).Tracklisting 

01. New Girl
02. Formula
03. Preparing For Call
04. Forever
05. Planning Date
06. Nate Growing Up
07. Home From Rehab
08. We All Knew
09. Say Goodnight
10. Shy Guy
11. Following Tyler
12. Still Don't Know My Name
13. Kat's Denial
14. Slideshow
15. Family Vacation
16. Grapefruit Diet
17. WTF Are We Talking For
18. Euphoria Funfair
19. The Lake
20. Maddy's Story
21. Demanding Excellence
22. McKay & Cassie
23. Gangster
24. When I R.I.P
25. Arriving At The Formal
26. Virgin Pina Coladas

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