LADY WRAY Piece Of Me (Pre-Order) Big Crown Records

LADY WRAY Piece Of Me (Pre-Order) Big Crown Records

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Big Crown Records is proud to present Piece of Me, the sophomore full-length offering from Lady Wray.

This is something of a homecoming for Nicole. Where her 2016 solo debut Queen Alone leaned more towards Soul and R&B with tinges of hip-hop, this record changes the mixture. It's still R&B with the textures of analogue Soul, but there is a heavy Hip Hop influence that brings the sum of Nicole's career together in a new sound that will define her future. Boom-bap drums and chunky bass lines are front-and-centre, creating a perfect head-nodding backdrop for Lady Wray to take on the good, the bad, the difficult, and the joyful on her most personal collection of songs to date.

While the upbeat energies of Under The Sun and Through It All are sure to become hits that reconnect Lady Wray with her 90s R&B fan base, Where Were You offers a behind the scenes look at what those days of stardom in her youth were really like. Nicole takes on the racial tension in America with her poetic and powerful Beauty In The Fire and leans heavy into her faith and church upbringing on the showstopper, Thank You. She gushes about the profound love she’s come to know for her daughter on Melody and celebrates life’s ups and downs on Joy & Pain. In 2021 it is rare to hear a varied yet cohesive album with no “skippers”, but that is what you have here in spades. The tried and true chemistry between Lady Wray and Leon Michels has undeniably found a higher level and this album stands as a testament to conviction and dedication for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by.

Available on limited 'Deep Emerald' coloured vinyl.


  1. I Do
  2. Through It All
  3. Piece Of Me 
  4. Come On In 
  5. Under The Sun
  6. Where Were You
  7. Beauty In The Fire 
  8. Games People Play 
  9. Melody 
  10. Thank You
  11. Joy & Pain 
  12. Storms
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