Lady Wray - Through It All B/w Under The Sun

Lady Wray - Through It All B/w Under The Sun

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Lady Wray releases an instant classic two-sider with two certified bangers from her forthcoming album Piece Of Me. Side A is the in your face, head nodding, “Through It All”. A tune that rips out of the speaker from the first snare crack with Nicole’s pitched up and infectious chorus. The tried and true chemistry of Lady Wray and producer Leon Michels is on full display here as they push the envelope of current R&B and Soul making a stark declaration of why they are out in front of the pack of any of their peers. Nicole sings a song about dedication through the ups and downs on a track that has so much energy it is sure to move crowds around the globe.

Side B, “Under The Sun” is a feel good homage to the sun and summertime. Lady Wray encapsulates all things good and lovely about warm weather and where it puts our minds. The infectious good vibes of the tune will change your attitude and have you turning the volume knob up while the earworm choruses will stay on the tip of your tongue long after the song ends.

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