Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band - Banned

Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band - Banned

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In the past decade, Jarvis’s ever-expanding swatch of releases on ANTI- Records and Flemish Eye have earned international acclaim, while Lightman’s twin-sister-led band Tasseomancy has transfixed listeners since the late 2000s. The debut album from Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band marks the duo’s first collaboration, slingshotting both musicians out of their comfort zones into spellbinding territories of lysergic folk and impressionistic rock.

Banned was recorded in the tranquil environment of the Tree Museum, an outdoor art gallery in rural Ontario hosting residencies for contemporary sculptors over the past 20 years. Beyond leaving the city behind to live alone in the woods, the album title Banned also highlights an element of risk. Like late ’60s counterculture musical Hair, the duo rejects notions of repression with unspoken celebrations of naturalism, openness, and sexual liberation. These 15 songs offer an ephemeral intimacy and invitation to express free love that can only occur when artists welcome listeners into their private world.


Side A
1. Olamim
2. Ancient Chain
3. Recurring Theme
4. Red Champa
5. Trillium
6. Nymphea
7. Bone Of A Hound
8. Ein Sof

Side B
1. Lift My Heart
2. Elastic Band
3. Becoming
4. Mother's Rope
5. Slick Oil
6. Stomach Pit
7. Tomb Of The Patriarchs
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