Lonelady - Former Things

Lonelady - Former Things

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Julie Campbellaka LoneLady, is a singer/guitarist from Manchester. Inspired by post-punk Julie first started making recordings in the early to mid 2000s on a 4-track cassette recorder in her tower block flat. LoneLady’s third studio album Former Things is a tour-de-force of punch and crunch electropop and RnB, shot through with mournful eulogies to the lost golden age of childhood and youth – a record equally driven by dancefloor energy as by pop sensibility.

Former Things was written, performed and recorded entirely by LoneLady. Whereas previous albums at least allowed the appearance of another human, the soundworld of Former Things was crafted by LoneLady.

The acerbic, taut skronk of Campbell’s Telecaster still scrapes Former Things with embellishments of no-wave sensibilities, but a new-found fascination with drum machines, hardware and synthesisers opens a whole new realm of possibility for the musician.

Former Things boldly updates the forgotten sonics of 1980s art pop, and LoneLady shows exactly how to make them sound brand new again.


  1. The Catcher
  2. (There Is) No Logic
  3. Former Things
  4. Time Time Time
  5. Threats
  6. Fear Colours
  7. Treasure
  8. Terminal Ground
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