Lonnie Mack - Sa-ba-hoola! Two Sides Of

Lonnie Mack - Sa-ba-hoola! Two Sides Of

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When Lonnie Mack’s treatment of Chuck Berry’s Memphis’ broke into the US Hot 100 on 8 June 1963 and peaked at #5 during its 13-week stay, he was initially pigeonholed as an instrumental artist. This perception was heightened by ‘Down In The Dumps’ on the flip, and furthered by his double-sided instrumental follow-up whose topside, ‘Wham!’, reached #28.

Post-Fraternity releases on Elektra, Capitol, Epic and Alligator cemented his reputation as the man who brought gospel, soul, blues, country and rock’n’roll together. He was one of the creators of blue-eyed soul, as well as the leading light for the legion of blues-based rock guitarists who plied their trade from the 60s onwards. It has to be said, though, that the bedrock of his legend rests on his Fraternity recordings, which highlighted both sides of Lonnie Mack – the vocalist and the guitarist.


  1.  Lonnie On The Move (Take 2)
  2. Wham! Lonnie Mack
  3. Memphis Lonnie Mack
  4. Omaha Lonnie Mack
  5. Honky Tonk '65 Lonnie Mack
  6. Tension (Part 1) Lonnie Mack
  7. Oh, I Apologize Lonnie Mack
  8. Save Your Money Lonnie Mack
  9. Baby, What's Wrong Lonnie Mack
  10. Where There's A Will Lonnie Mack
  11. I'll Keep You Happy Lonnie Mack
  12. No More Pain Lonnie Mack
  13. I've Had It
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