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In October Buda will release his third solo album (his first in twelve years), a collection of songs mostly recorded in his garage over the last three years. The lyrics are a mix of Buda's sincere but sardonic musings about feeling old and tired and anxious about everything, and words supplied by New Zealand novelist Damien Wilkins, all set to the kind of melodies that you could find while channel surfing through radio stations on a long midnight drive.
Buda has roped in a large range of collaborators for the album, including guests like Don McGlashanJoe Lindsay and Toby Laing from Fat Freddys DropRiki GoochDayle JellymanJacqui Nyman; and all the members of The Phoenix Foundation. Special mention needs to be made of Anita Clark's (Motte) contribution, as she sang on every single track.

  1. Here Comes The Wind
  2. Candy
  3. Beef & Carrots
  4. She's Arriving Soon
  5. I'm A Bit Out Of Shape
  6. Who Would Want To Be Lonely
  7. My Naked Body
  8. Don't Think In Bed
  9. Private Message
  10. Brain Jail
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