Madness - The Madness Vinyl

Madness - The Madness Vinyl

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The Madness, originally released in May 1988, is the only album recorded by Suggs, Chas Smash, Chrissy Boy, and Lee Thompson of Madness. Calling themselves “The Madness”, the group explored a new direction without Mike Barson, Woody, and Mark Bedford. The result was an album bathed in all the new technology the late 1980s had to offer, and features some of this incarnation of Madness’ most experimental work.

Lead vocals were shared between Suggs and Chas Smash, while all members of the group contributed music and lyrics. The album also features a host of other musicians including Steve Nieve (Elvis Costello and The Attractions) on keyboards and The Specials’ Jerry Dammers on piano.


A1. Nail Down The Days / A2. What’s That / A3. I Pronounce You / A4. Oh / A5. In Wonder / B1. Song In Red / B2. Nightmare / B3. Thunder And Lightning / B4. Beat The Bride / B5. Gabriel’s Horn

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