Magdalena Bay Mercurial World Vinyl Luminelle Recordings

Magdalena Bay Mercurial World Vinyl Luminelle Recordings

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Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin began their musical journey together over 10 years ago in a Miami after-school music program. Connecting through their shared music tastes, the two formed a band that endured until the two parted ways for college. Not long afterward, Tenenbaum and Lewin reconnected and formed what we now know as the indie-pop duo Magdalena Bay.

The duo released their EP truly moments before the pandemic pervaded through North America, bringing their tour to an abrupt end. Resiliency illustrated at its peak, Magdalena Bay dipped their heads into a focused timeline, coming out of the pandemic with their debut album, Mercurial World. Magdalena Bay peruses the sound of experimental pop, crafting a synthy world that shatters genres and bends time to the pair’s will, elevating their sound to match their philosophical reflections. Lewin shared, “We spend all of our time together, and in some ways Mercurial World is about that particular sense of madness in containment. We live together and make art together; this immerses you in our creative, insular universe.”


A1 The End
A2 Mercurial World
A3 Dawning Of The Season
A4 Secrets (Your Fire)
A5 You Lose!
A6 Something For 2
A7 Chaeri
B1 Halfway
B2 Hysterical Us
B3 Prophecy
B4 Follow The Leader
B5 Domino
B6 Dreamcatching
B7 The Beginning

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