Maps - Turning The Mind

Maps - Turning The Mind

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Turning The Mind, recorded with Tim Holmes (Death in Vegas) at the Contino Rooms in London, is Maps’second album from 2009 and followed the release of Maps’ Mercury Prize shortlisted debut 'We Can Create' in 2007. Includes the tracks ‘I Dream of Crystal’, ‘Die Happy, Die Smiling’ and ‘Valium In The Sunshine’.

Maps has remixed Depeche ModePublic Service BroadcastingSusanne SundførMobyC DuncanM83 and more.

This is a special edition re-press of the album on orange vinyl as part of the MUTE 40 (1978>Tomorrow) series of releases. Etching on Side 4. 

“A masterpiece that stands with the best” - Observer Music Monthly (4/5)
“Bordering on genius” - Clash (9/10)
“A Death In Vegas-aided electro stormer” - NME


A1. Turning The Mind
A2. I Dream Of Crystal
A3. Let Go Of The Fear
A4. Valium In The Sunshine
B1. Papercuts
B2. Love Will Come
B3. Everything Is Shattering
B4. Nothing
C1. The Note (These Videos)
C2. Chemeleon
C3. Die Happy, Die Smiling
C4. Without You
D. (Etching)

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