Monolithe Noir - Moira LP

Monolithe Noir - Moira LP

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Moira, the new album by Monolithe Noir opens with the voices of a few fellow artists who we will qualify without forcing ourselves too much as “peers” - the British Rozi Plain on the bewitching Blinded Folded, the American Peter Broderick for the intimate By Twos and the Belgian Elsie dx, the time of a haunted Valsalva - they too bathed in the same need not to be satisfied with a single color, a single tone.
Unpredictable by nature, surprising by choice, the music of Monolith Noir escapes the hackneyed qualifiers that segment our record collections, but happily draws from well-marked repertoires: from prog to ambient via electronica or folk, in rummaging along the way in the hidden treasures of Italian library music. Without ever hiding behind a screen of artificial complexity, it is above all aimed at us, directly.


1 Lichens 5:45
2 Blinded Folded
Featuring  Rozy Plain
3 March For Nothing 3:48
4 Dream = Noise 3:58
5 Soulage 3:38
6 Wave Flotation 4:33
7 By Twos
Featuring  Peter Broderick
8 Amok 4:29
9 Valsalva
Featuring  Elsie Dx
10 Dots 4:53

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