Moonface & Siinai - My Best Human Face

Moonface & Siinai - My Best Human Face

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Spencer Krug is the Canadian singer-songwriter behind Moonface and also the lead singer of Wolf Parade

He has once again teamed up with Finnish band Siinai, and is now releasing their new album 'My Best Human Face', a strange title which he describes as being named after a feeling he has inside of himself where he feels distanced from other people, thus he wears his "best human face"

The sound of the project is very large and features heavy pounding drums and strong guitar riffs accompanied by Krug's voice to paint the landscape and atmosphere.



1. The Nightclub Artiste
2. Ristro's Riff
3. They Call Themselves Old Punks
4. Ugly Flower Pretty Vase
5. City Wrecker
6. Prairie Boy
7. The Queen Of Both Darkness And Light

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