Moran, Kelly - Ultraviolet

Moran, Kelly - Ultraviolet

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New York-based composer, keyboardist and producer Kelly Moran’s new album Ultraviolet is her first for Warp.

Ultraviolet is ripe with dazzling inflexions of classical composition and dream pop, touching on elements of lush electronics, black metal and jazz – all centered around her performance on a prepared piano.

With additional production by Daniel Lopatin (recent months have seen her perform in prestigious venues around the world as part of Oneohtrix Point Never’s live Age Of tour ensemble), Ultraviolet is strong statement from Moran, solidifying her status as a maverick composer and an exciting, unique voice in the contemporary worlds of piano and electronic music. 

For those prepared to dive beneath the surface and explore her sound world, Kelly Moran's music is operating within its entirely own microcosm, one that when experienced in full makes her signing to Warp feels like a perfect match.


  1. Autowave 
  2. Helix 
  3. Water Music
  4. Nereid 
  5. In Parallel
  6. Halogen
  7. Radian
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