Morris, Ian - A And B The C Of D

Morris, Ian - A And B The C Of D

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The family of New Zealand Music icon Ian Morris announce the posthumous release of a and b the c of d, a solo record completed before his death a decade ago. The album will be released digitally and on limited edition LP on 30 October.

Best known as a founding member of Th’ Dudes and as his solo alter ego Tex Pistol, Morris was also an award-winning and in-demand producer and engineer. He won Engineer of the Year in 1978 for Hello Sailor’s debut album at the New Zealand Music Awards. The very next year Th’ Dudes won best single for ‘Be Mine Tonight’ and best group. In the following decades he continued to write and record his own music and that of others, finally making a and b the c of d - his first solo record under his own name.

Kim Willoughby describes the album - named after a family code for ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ - as a collection of songs Ian wrote, produced, collated and left for us fully formed.


  1. Nobody Rides For Free
  2. Vespa
  3. Maude
  4. The Distance Between You And Me
  5. Good News
  6. Jane's Brain
  7. No Rain, No Fire
  8. Roll Call
  9. Between The Stirrup And The Ground
  10. Swamp Thing
  11. This Thin Desire
  12. It's Over
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