Necrophobic Hrimthursum (2022 Reissue)

Necrophobic Hrimthursum (2022 Reissue)

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With thirty years of active, nefarious service under their bulletbelts, Necrophobic are undisputed legends of the death and black metal underground. Formed in 1989 by drummer Joakim Sterner, the Stockholm blackhearts propagated a singular and fearless vision from the very start, confirming their prowess with now legendary debut album The Nocturnal Silence in 1993. Eschewing the self-conscious amateurism and primitive sonics that many of their peers held dear, Necrophobic established a bold and vivid identity of their own, conjuring a densely melodic but endlessly wicked take on macabre extreme metal that countless lesser bands have since emulated.

With “Hrimthursum”, the 5th full-length album, Necrophobic already injected its blasphemous attack metal with melody and atmospherics, not to mention a great attention to instrumental detail, in the first place when the album was released in 2006. The Swedish black death metal legends are re-releasing this full-length record as first out of nine reissues.

[LP] A1. The Slaughter of Baby Jesus / A2. Blinded by Light, Enlightened by Darkness / A3. I Strike with Wrath / A4. Age of Chaos / A5. Bloodshed Eyes / A6. The Crossing / B1. Eternal Winter / B2. Death Immaculate / B3. Sitra Ahra / B4. Serpents (Beneath the Forest of the Dead) / B5. Black Hate / B6. Hrimthursum

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