Negative Nancies - Heatwave

Negative Nancies - Heatwave

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Dunedin's dark-arts trio Negative Nancies were a jaw-punching standout at The Others Way a couple of years ago. Heatwave is the sound of wilfully smashing your head against concrete, hands in the fire... and loving it. “Discordant, deconstructed art-punk sound that grinds and crawls in a collision of Suicide, queasy Lynchian discomfort and no wave Sonic Youth yelps and chants.” Doubtful Sounds (AUS)

Negative Nancies exist in their own universe, sounding unlike anything else happening in Dunedin or in New Zealand past or present. The songs are created organically in the rehearsal room, through an evolution of experimentation. In amongst the art-punk chaos there’s an irrepressible undercurrent of pop melodicism.

Negative Nancies don’t play by anyone’s rules. Songs unfold in unusual ways. Sombre glory, impish mischief. Wired anxiety, manic glee. It makes sense until it doesn’t any more. And vice versa. It’s not so much Dada as Dunedin-a, filtering observations about everyday human behaviour through a unique appreciation of the absurd and a wild-yeast approach to organic song creation and performance. They don’t want to be banned, they just want to play in a band.


  1. Pig In A Pen
  2. What Would John Say
  3. Banned
  4. Agatha Christie
  5. Monkey Chest
  6. Death By Association
  7. Late Light Romance
  8. Heatwave
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