New Age Steppers - Love Forever

New Age Steppers - Love Forever

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Consisting of tunes recorded by legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood and Ari-Up, who sadly passed away two years before its release in 2012, Love Forever sees the collective deliver some of their tried-and-tested post-punk dub reggae amalgams alongside a burgeoning fascination in EDM and dancehall — in the latter’s case at least a few years before it went mainstream in the UK.

Another seminal New Age Steppers work — Love Forever is beautifully touching for its undeniable fury.


  1. Conquer 
  2. My Nerves 
  3. Love Me Nights 
  4. The Scheisse Song
  5. Musical Terrorist 
  6. The Fury of Ari 
  7. Wounded Animal 
  8. The Worst Of Me 
  9. Revelation 
  10. The Last Times
  11. Death Of The Trees 
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