Niagara - Parva Naturalia

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A collection of cuts exploring the deepest disco and house around from the voluminous back catalogue of the Portuguese trio Niagara – one of the most singular and inimitable forces in Lisbon’s electronic explosion.

Anyone familiar with the trio’s previous releases will know that their sound brings together the desire to get the club moving and voracious experimentalism.

Niagara are closely associated with their native Lisbon’s Príncipe Discos – a label which has swiftly become a byword for wild and wayward, experimental dance music.


Side A
1. SEE
2. Islington Inn
3. Feìlix 3 (Guarda-Costas)
4. 3
Side B
1. Tribunal
2. JordaÞo
3. Orion
4. Calor
5. Incendiada

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