Nightmares On Wax - Shape The Future

Nightmares On Wax - Shape The Future

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Iconic Warp mainstay Nightmares on Wax releases his long-anticipated return with new album Shape The Future.

The marriage of soul, hip-hop, dub and timeless club sounds that Nightmares on Wax has been mutating and perfecting for years finds perhaps its most fluid form yet on Shape The Future. Energized by globetrotting runs of studio sessions and DJ sets, this latest salvo is a masterpiece of contemporary and classic genre-blending that solidifies Nightmares On Wax’s place as an inspirational electronic music figurehead. This includes the shamanistic vocals of recent single Back To Nature, and in particular the the arresting voices of Mozez alongside Kanye West and Flume collaborator Allan Kingdom, as featured on brand new cut Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane demonstrates the journey George has taken over his expansive and influential career. Pushing further into deep, gospel-tinged hip hop, than ever before, whilst moulded by a master craftsmen of production, to never lose the trademark sound of Nightmares on Wax.


1. Back To Nature feat Kuauhtli Vasquez & Wixarika Tribe
2. Tell My Vision feat Andrew Ashong
3. Shape The Future
4. On It Maestro
5. Tomorrow feat LSK
6. Typical feat Jordan Rakei
7. Tenor Fly
8. Citizen Kane feat Mozez
9. Deep Shadows feat Sadie Walker
10. Gotta Smile
11. The Other Ship"

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